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Do you own a tuition centre? Or a skill learning centre? Or a parallel educational institution? Well, there will be good news, if your answer is YES. The helps you gather more aspirant students across your region. Want to know how? Then, join us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality education easily available to more people than ever before. We live in an age of competition. For ensuring a bright future for today’s children, we need more academic options, speaking of which, tuition centers and other parallel learning institutions made the new generation more competitive which in turn made the modern day academia more tangible to the common people.

Our Vision

Our website or mobile application acts as an online platform by which the tuition centers/skill learning institutions could gain more students than they single handedly gather. Our services make it possible for its partners to advertise themselves without spending a single penny! Clearly speaking, the is completely a free advertising agency of its partners.

All you have to do is to go through the terms and conditions, click on the button below, and register yourself by providing credible and legible information – voilà! It’s done. It’s that simple!


  • The more specific and credible details you provide, the simpler for us to assist you in getting more aspirant students. Use all the possibilities of our account system to provide exceptional details such as attractively outlined program charts, listings of your services, amenities, achievements and contact details and more in order to make your profile more appealing to our users.
  • It is crucial to maintain your reputation among the student/parents for get things done. Our comprehensive Ratings and review page makes it easy for you to understand how your service is perceived online and offline and to get an overall idea of your reputation amongst the users. The customers’ reviews shall help you to make more improvements and to compete with your rivals!
  • Our business managers are always at your service to make your business more easy and profitable. Discussions on your performance will be done regularly. We need your feedback and recommendations in order to make a healthy environment for us to do the business. So help us to grow more, and let us make you thrive more. Let’s do this together.